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During this important stage of learning and development, it is essential to maintain your child's healthy lifestyle with a wholesome balance of good nutrition and physical activity.

S-26 Gold Junior is a nutritious vanilla-flavoured supplementary milk drink and a rich source of 16 vitamins and minerals.

One serving of this milk drink provides:

- Omega 3 from 100% vegetable sources.

- 50% of the RDI for iron, to help support a toddler's growth and assist oxygen transport around the body.

- 50% of the RDI for vitamin C, which contributes to iron absorption from food.

- 32% of the RDI for calcium, for normal teeth and bone structure S-26 Gold Junior is suitable when dietary intakes of energy and other nutrients may not be adequate.

S26 GOLD JUNIOR Alula 900g from 2 years

$25.00 Regular Price
$19.98Sale Price
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