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Formulated for thin, weak and brittle hair that lacks shine and lustre, this nutrient rich formula blends 19 vitamins, minerals and bio-marine extracts to ensure thicker, faster growing, healthier, shinier and stronger hair. It feeds the hair from the inside out with results in just 30 days. Hair Nutrition not only cares for the hair, but the scalp too.

30 One-A-Day Tablets

Around 70% of women over the age of 45 are affected by compromised hair conditions. This can be characterised by hair loss; dry, brittle and damaged hair; and hair that is thin and slow growing. Often these symptoms start when a woman is in her 30’s.

Undernourished Hair:

  • Thin, weak and brittle hair
  • Hair breaks easily and sheds easily
  • Slow growing hair
  • Hair that lacks strength, shine and condition

How Hair Nutrition Works:

Under the scalp is a network of blood vessels that feed your hair follicles (the Papilla). When we are young the follicles have a rich, fast flowing blood supply, bringing oxygen, nutrients and natural oils to the hair and carrying away carbon dioxide and other wastes.

The result

 A healthy shiny, thick head of hair. One of the most common causes of hair loss and compromised hair conditions is tightening of the passageways that feed the hair follicles.This prevents a full, rich fast flowing blood stream and can deprive the hair root of key nutrients and oxygen.

Hair Nutrition feeds your hair a rich supply of nutrients where it matters – the site of hair formation, the hair follicle. Hair inside the follicle is alive, and by feeding hair at the root it can be thicker, fuller, shinier and faster growing. With key vitamins, minerals and bio-marine nutrients, Hair Nutrition helps correct hair nutritional deficiencies.

Hair Nutrition for Women 30T

$32.00 Regular Price
$23.00Sale Price
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