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General Information

Blackmores Follow-on Formula is made using high quality ingredients and milk sourced from grass-fed cows in the Goulburn Valley. 
Enriched with a special blend of nutrients, Blackmores Follow-on Formula is nutritionally complete to meet the needs of your baby.
With breakthrough ingredient SN2-Parmitate (OPO), it is a premium infant formula suitable from 6 to 12 months.

A unique blend of ingredients containing over 25 nutrients including essential vitamins and minerals.
Gentle on tiny tummies, it's a formula for happy, healthy babies.
With clinically substantiated ingredients SN2-Parmitate (OPO) and Alpha-Lactalbumin Protein.
No added sugar (sucrose) or artificial sweeteners.

Size: 900 g powder


Always prepare each bottle separately and freshly for every feed
Discard unused portions; do not keep for later feeding
Follow preparation instructions exactly
Solid foods should be offered in addition to Follow-on Formula

Blackmores Follow On Formula 900g (Stage 2) Step 2

$35.00 Regular Price
$26.48Sale Price
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